Planteavlsgård | 121,2 hectare


Crop Property

The property:
Plant breeding company located in Hvidding between Randers and Viborg. It consists of the main property Bavnehøjvej 31 and the neighboring property Bavnehøjvej 27. The property's grounds / areas are relatively common. The property is run with conventional plant breeding.

The earth:
To Bavnehøjvej 31 there are 81,3773 ha and to Bavnehøjvej 27 there is 39.8660 ha. A total of 121,2433 hectares in registered land, divided into 75.29 hectares of arable land, 19.29 ha of meadow in rotation and 1.66 ha of meadow laid out with permanent grass, 12.38 ha laid out with pine forest and approx. 7.0 ha of forest without a pine duty. The remaining area is building parcel, etc. The soil is preferably the sandy soil jb. 2-4.

The buildings:
At Bavnehøjvej 31 there have previously been dairy cattle. The stables have been changed for use as disposable building, warehouse, etc. The buildings consist of the following:

Built in red stones, eternite roof. Room for 2 cars.

Former stable:
Built in red stones, steel arches and eternite roof. Is decorated with partly molded floor and partly gravel floor. Is equipped with workshop, less available room and storage / storage space, where there is a floor covered with gravel. The roof of the building stands for replacement as the roof is leaking due to the roof tiles crumbling and cracking.

Former loose farmhouse:
Built in red stones, steel arches and eternite roof. The fixture is removed and the bottom is partly graveled and partly molded floor. Used for straw storage etc.

Maintenance Building:
Constructed with steel arches, sides covered with steel plates, eternite roof and gravel-coated bottom.

Older building previously used for food storage. Is decorated with smaller driving silos. They are rented out for storage of crumb / wood chips. Outside the buildings is also an outdoor silage driving silo.

Slurry tank:
Agritank built in concrete element at 1,200 kbm.

Built in red stones and eternity roof. Are arranged as follows: Backroom, kitchen-living room, office, bathroom, living room, priority, bedroom and room. On the first floor there are 3 rooms.

Bavnehøjvej 27:
Older building sets primarily built in stone. It is originally a four-lane property and an additional machine house. The house is rented out.
The extensions are in decline and are considered to be the decontamination maturity. The living room is considered to be facing a major renovation in order to meet today's housing requirements.

Type Akkerbouwbedrijf
Price 15,000,000
Price in Euros's  € 2.015.181
Address Bavnehøjvej 31
zip code 8830
Residence 8830 Tjele
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 121.2



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