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Natural, forest and agricultural property


Brokskovgaard is a lovely nature estate totaling 44,4180 hectares with a good combination of both younger and older woods, fields as well as moors and meadows. That is why there is also plenty of raw and wild game on the property!
The property is located just outside the nice village community of Løvel, approx. 8 km north of Viborg. Løvel is a very active city with both sports hall, shopping, children's institution and Løvel school, just 1 km from the property.

The property therefore offers the opportunity to live an active life in the countryside in the midst of nature - yet with the usual necessities very close!

The earth
The areas belonging to the property are a fantastic combination of different habitats, where there are both open fields, young dense forest, older woods that are more open, and then the fully light open habitats such as moors and meadows. The areas are beautifully hilly, which gives a very special experience when you move around the property, where new views are constantly emerging.
In recent years, some new forest has been planted on the property. Total approx. 13 ha of new forest has been planted since 2004 with a good mix of wood species such as oak, beech, larch, douglas etc. distributed on both new forests on former land - but the seller has also replanted many areas after felling. The plantings are made by HedeDanmark in Viborg and are therefore carried out and looked after professionally.

Between the hilly forest land, there are flat fields that beautifully meander between the hills. All the fields are currently. laid with grass and fallow.
Payment entitlements totaling 15 ha are included, corresponding to an annual agricultural subsidy of approx. DKK 27,000 by meeting the green requirements.

In addition, there are approx. 1.4 ha meadow, located a few kilometers from the property in the meadow area near Skals Å. A scenic place - especially with a view in mind.

It is relatively easy to move onto the property with horses - and it is possible to arrange large folds of grass right next to the buildings with easy access to the barn and possibly. covered areas.

The farmhouse
From the entrance hall you have access to the kitchen, bathroom, living rooms and stairs to the first floor. The living room has larger glass windows with beautiful views of the property.
On the first floor there are two good rooms as well as a bathroom and a living / office with views.
The farmhouse appears older, but has been regularly maintained and is therefore in good condition. Most recently, seller has modernized with newer kitchen.

For the discerning lover, it will also be possible to remove the current farmhouse so as to build a new, beautiful residence in this sublime location!

operating buildings
The stable has previously been used for horses and is used today for workshops and warehouses. Here is also an automated stoker for wood pellets and a solid fuel stove.

On the property there is also a machine shop, where there is plenty of room for the associated machines included in the real estate transaction. A large number of machines are included - several of them newer and in very good condition - such as two tractors, reversing plow, saw-splitting burner and much more.

Last but not least, there is also a nice garage with a motorized elevator door with space for both cars and various storage depending on one's needs.

household Wind
On the property there is an approx. 20-year-old household wind turbine, which annually produces approx. 20,000 Kwh. Therefore, an electric cartridge is also connected to the hot water tank, so that you can benefit from the property's own energy production from the household wind turbine for heating the domestic water. That's brilliant!

There has been minimal hunting for the property over the past 38 years - and therefore the wildlife population is also high, which can be seen on all the bills around the property as well as many sweeps in the forest. As the areas are so varied and even hilly, the hunt is considered to be extremely good! The hilly terrain invites pürsch - but shooting paths and towers can also be set up at several good locations around the property, where you will have great views, a good ball and sit shy. There is plenty of raw and wild game on the property.

Overall assessment
All in all, it is a very unique natural property, where the possibilities are many depending on the individual buyer and his interests. If you are interested in horses - for hunting - for hobby farming - for forestry - for nature, then you get it all on this property.

Contact Nybolig Landbrug on tel. +45 7026 7700 to make an appointment regarding the show.

Type Overig
Price 5750000
Price in Euros's  € 772.030
Address Havrisvej 13
zip code 8830
Residence 8830 Tjele
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 44.4



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