Cattle Farm | 153,9 hectare


Cattle Property

The properties are sold from a bankruptcy estate and thus under the usual housing liability waiver clause.

The property:
"Borupholm" is located northeast of Silkeborg at Grauballe. It is operated with milk production with approx. 165 dairy cows with breeding, and the land is run with roughage. The property consists of the following three properties: Borupholmsvej 10, which is the main property where the dairy cows are, Borupgårdsvej 26, which is used for young animals, and Allinggårdsvej 100, which is a plant breeding property with housing and older farm buildings.

The earth:
The land is as follows: Borupholmsvej 10, 8600 Silkeborg, with 53,9003 hectares in registered land, of which approx. 45.53 ha is arable land. The remainder is building parcel and planting etc.
Borupgårdsvej 26, 8600 Silkeborg, with 70.5765 hectares in cleared land, of which 67.97 ha is arable land. The remainder is building parcel and planting etc.
Allinggårdsvej 100, 8600 Silkeborg, with 29,3840 hectares in cleared land, which is distributed on 23.45 hectares of sandy arable land and 3.30 hectares of perennial grass. The remainder is building parcel and planting etc.
Total area 155,2407 ha in registered land, of which approx. 138.15 ha is sandy arable land in rotation, 3.30 ha is meadow / permanent grass and 1.3882 ha is peace forest. The remaining area is planting, uncultivated land and building plots, etc.

Borupholmsvej 10:
The farm buildings are designed for dairy cows, calves and forage storage.

The loose housing:
Consists of two buildings that are built together. The northern building is constructed with steel arches, etheric roofs and the sides erected in stone. Curtains in the north side of the building. It is equipped with space for feed and straw, deep litter box, which is used for gold cows with feeding tables estimated for 20 cows, and the remaining two rows of beds with a total of 50 boxes with sand in the beds and a solid floor with scrapers.

The southern building is built with wooden barbs / scissors, ethernet roof and open with curtain on the south side. Equipped with a reduced feeding table with 52 dining seats and 4 rows of sandbeds with a total of 113 beds, grooved slots. At the end of the stable there is a milking parlor with 2x8 parlor (side by side), SAC with power feed plant, technical room with vacuum pump, tank room with 10,000 l Røka cooling tank. At the east end of the barn, calving box with deep litter is estimated to be 15-20 cows.

In total, there are 163 beds in the barn.

Calves Stable:
Furnished in one of the older buildings, which are erected in red stones, eternity roofs, concrete decks in the sides and open to the kip in the middle of the building. Furnished with two large calf boxes with deep bedding. Slit floor at the end of one box.
The infant calves are in mobile outdoor calves.

Silos and slurry tanks:
To the south of the detached barn are two planos, approx. 10 m wide, approx. 60 m long and the sides approx. 2.8 m high. The areas east and south of the buildings are paved with asphalt. Two slurry containers, respectively. 800 kbm and 3,000 kbm.
The roughage that cannot be in the flat silos is in field stacks.

The farmhouse:
Built in red stone, slate roof, granite plinth, newer fireplace windows, west facing terrace, two rafters to the east, staircase with access to partially utilized roof with three rooms, kitchen in acidified oak, bathroom with shower, living and dining room, two rooms and hallway. Stoker stove and fiber net.

Borupgårdsvej 26:
The farm buildings are designed for young animals, straw and machine storage.

Listed in red stones, steel arches, ethernet roofs and exterior feed table with 92 catch grids and 15 eating places for small heifers on the north side, and curtain on the south side of the building. Slit floors and scrapers on top of the slots (defective). The stable is furnished with 3 rows of beds with rubber mats of different sizes, divided into 3 sections with 25 beds and 2 sections with 28 beds.

Straw Charging:
Listed with steel arches, ethernite roofs and covered with steel plates. Used for straw storage.

Maintenance Building:
Listed in red stones, steel arches, eternity roofs, cast gold, divided into two rooms, of which the room to the west is insulated. Aluminum sports to the east.

Slurry tank:
Listed in concrete elements, 1,218 kbm.

Listed in red stones, eternit roof, attic to the west, hallway with stairs to the first floor, utility room with stairs to the first floor and stairs to the basement, bathroom with shower, kitchen with stove, extractor hood and fridge-freezer as well as 2 living rooms, one with exit to the conservatory to the east. On the first floor is a toilet, 3 rooms and a review room.

Allinggårdsvej 100:
The operating buildings are older stables and barns that are not in operation, as well as machine houses.

Maintenance Building:
Listed with steel arches, lined with steel plates, ethernite roofs, some of which are defective. Loose bottom.

Listed in stone, plastered facade and ethernite roof, where some of the roof panels are defective. Baume deck is equipped with two rows of stalls for cattle. The building is no longer contemporary to today's agricultural production. The original milking room is designed for boiler room with stove boiler.

Built in stone and partly plastered facade and eternit roof, decorated with pig paths. The building is no longer contemporary to today's agricultural production.

Listed in boulders, wooden rafters, etheric roofs and molded floor.

Slurry tank:
Listed in concrete elements, 367 kbm.

Listed in red stones, steel roofs and two gates in the side of the building.

Listed in red stones, eternity roofs and thermo windows. Furnished as follows: Entrance hall, kitchen-dining room with exit to the living room, corner living room, room, laundry room and stairs to the 1st floor, which consists of a sink, toilet, bedroom and 3 rooms.

Type Overig
Price 21500000
Price in Euros's  € 2.877.679
Address Borupholmsvej 10
zip code 8600
Residence 8600 Silkeborg
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 153.9



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