Cattle Farm | 144,6 hectare


Cattle and plant breeding property

The property is sold from a bankruptcy estate and thus under the usual estate liability waiver clause.

The property:
Is located at Sivested on the northern side of Kolindsund in Djursland. The property is run by milk production with approx. 155 dairy cows RDM and plant breeding / forage production on the land. The property has been continuously developed and by 2007 the building has been built for the barn to accommodate approx. 150 cows with associated breeding. The company consists of the following properties: Sivestedvej 26 (the main property), Sundbyvej 11B (land without property), Sjørupgårdvej 5A (land without property) and Sivestedvej 24 (house).

The earth:
There are the following areas for the property:
Sivestedvej 26: 85,3324 ha in registered land
Sundbyvej 11B: 44,6481 ha in registered land
Sjørupgårdvej 5A: 14.3797 ha in registered land
Sivestedvej 24: 2,284 sqm

A total of 144,5866 hectares of landscaped land, distributed on 117.45 ha of arable land, 6.21 ha with permanent grass, 2.92 ha laid out with MFO area and 0.89 ha for recreational purposes. The remaining area is building parcel, planting and uncultivated area, etc.

Sivestedvej 26:
Listed in red stones, tile roofs and bridge windows. The house is furnished as follows: Entrance hall, office, laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, room, two living rooms, corridor, toilet and rooms. There is basement under kitchen and bathroom. The 1st floor is unused. The house was built in 1825 and appears generally older and not contemporary to today's housing requirements.

Operating Buildings:
Consists primarily of livestock, machinery, barns and facilities for roughage and manure storage:

stall barn:
Built with steel arches, ethernite roofs and sides of concrete elements, open in the sides and curtains, open to kip. The barn is equipped with a feeding table in the middle of the barn and a neck boom next to the feeding table, where a full feed truck is fed. 3 rows of beds in each side of the barn with sand in the beds, and solid floor with scrapers marked. "Mullerup".
On the west side of the barn are 150 cows for cows, the internal dairy carousel SAC with 22 seats year. 2001 as well as engineering and tank rooms with 7,700 l of cooling tank and buffer tank.
The east side of the barn is divided into 3 sections with 44 beds for heifers, 37 beds for heifers and 34 beds for heifers, a total of 115 beds. The heifers are divided by size.
At the north end of the barn is calving section with deep bedding area and the bottom is covered with SF stone. The stable was built in 2001 and 2007.

Stalls for gold cows:
Built with steel arches, ethernite roofs, concrete / stone walls. Equipped with deep bed with box for approx. 15-17 gold cows and feed tables at the side, where motor truck is fed. At the end of the barn are 2 deep litter boxes used for calves.

Calves Stable:
Built with steel arches, etheric roofs, walls with concrete elements and cladding walls to ensure air exchange / ventilation, as well as molded flooring. Equipped with 16 single calf boxes and 2 deep litter boxes.

Built with steel arches, ethernite roofs, concrete walls and molded floor. Used for storing hay, straw, beets etc.

Maintenance Building:
Built with steel arches, ethernite roofs, covered with green steel plates and the floor is covered with SF stone. At the end of the building is a boiler room with stove fireplace Twin Heat, which heats the farmhouse on Sivestedvej 26 and the dwelling on Sivestedvej 24. The building is used for storage of purchased power feed, wood chips for the lighthouse and machines.

Driving Silos:
Older driving silo, which has the following approx. Dimensions: 6.4 m wide, 2.5 m high and 36 m long, with concrete bottom. Is worn.
Driving silo, which has the following approx. Dimensions: 10.4 wide, 2.8 m high and 42 m long, with concrete bottom. Is worn.
Area next to the driving silo is used for storage of silage in field stacks.

Slurry Containers:
North of the property and Sivestedvej are two slurry containers of 2,000 kbm and 2,300 kbm respectively. There is a pump line from the barn to the manure tanks.

Sivestedvej 24:
The house is built in stone and plastered facade, eternity roof from about 1980 and broken windows, Is furnished as follows: Laundry room with shower, kitchen, hallway, living room, two rooms, bedroom, hallway and bathroom. Garage. The place is rented out.

Type Overig
Price 22750000
Price in Euros's  € 3.051.889
Address Sivestedvej 26
zip code 8560
Residence 8560 Kolind
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 144.6



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