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The company consists of the following properties: Hvalløsvej 39, Hvalløsvej 37, Nevermosevej 22 and Trustrupvej 34, which together operate as a single unit. It has so far been operated with piglets and pigs production, the land is operated with conventional plant breeding. There are 183.0975 hectares of registered land for all the properties. distributed among 141.79 ha of arable land, 3.98 ha of land set aside with fallow / MFO and 16.58 ha of meadow / perennial grass. The remaining area is building parcels, planting and uncultivated area, etc.
It is distributed on the following properties. Hvalløsvej 39: 79.42 ha of arable land and 15.75 ha of meadow.
Hvalløsvej 37: 32.91 ha of arable land and 0.83 ha of meadow.
Nevermosevej 22: 9.91 ha of arable land and 3.84 ha laid out with fallow / MFO.
Trustrupvej 34: 19.55 ha of arable land and 0.14 ha laid out with fallow / MFO.

The properties consist of the following:

Hvalløsvej 39, 8370 Hadsten, on 111.8541 ha and operated with plant breeding

The farmhouse:
Is listed in red stones and tile roofs. Is furnished as follows: Downstairs, kitchen with dining area, living room, bathroom, hallway, office, two rooms, bathroom and room. On the first floor are two rooms.

The operating buildings consist of the following:

Climate Stable:
Furnished with 16 two-climatic paths, with fixed floors, cast iron grids, dry feeding machines and heated. Total chapter 700 pitches for piglets.

Climate Stable:
Furnished with 12 two-climatic paths and 2 smaller paths, with fixed floor, drained floor and cast iron grates, dry feeding machines and heated. Total chapter 700 pitches for piglets.

Climate Stable:
4 sections with 100 slots for weaners per pig. section, a total of 400 pitches. Fixed floors and shelving areas, dry feeding machines and they are heated.

Furnished with two-climatic paths with dry feeding machines with a total of 200 pitches and is heated.

grower facility:
Furnished with 32 paths with full slatted floors, dry feeding machines and heating calorifiers. A total of 500 slots for piglets / young pigs.

Finishers Stable:
Furnished with 3 sections with 16 paths per. section. Plastic fixtures, slatted floors and drained floors and dry feeding machines. Cut to 288 slots per section and a delivery section with 120 slots. A total of 984 pitches.

Straw fireplace: Faust straw fireplace, which heats the stables and farmhouses on Hvalløsvej 39 and 37.

Equipped with paint mixer system with Skjold diagonal mixer, raw material silos, finished silos and plan storage with 2 silos for cereals with total chapters up to 4,000 td grain. The remaining part of the building is used for machine storage.
Outside the barn is a gas-tight silo for 9,000 barrels of grain.

Slurry Containers:
1 piece of 1,256 kbm
1 piece of 3,200 kbm

On the Hvalløsvej 39 property, grants of DKK 2,014,120 have been awarded for the establishment of slaughter pig production "barmarks-project" at 2,342 pitches. The project period runs until July 21, 2019.

Hvalløsvej 37, 8370 Hadsten, on 35,8781 ha and operated with plant breeding

The farmhouse:
Is listed in red stones and eternite roofs. Divided into 2 apartments.

Built with stone, plastered facade, steel rafter and molded floor. Used for machine and straw storage etc.

Straw Charging:
Built with steel arches, ethernite roofs, covered with red steel plates and gravel bottom. Used for straw storage.

The other buildings are stables, which have been used for beef cattle, and older barns, which are no longer contemporary to today's agricultural production.

Nevermosevej 22, 8960 Randers SØ, is operated by plant breeding
Older buildings consisting of farmhouses and extensions that are not used operationally. The buildings are rented out.

Trustrupvej 34, 8940 Randers SV, is operated with plant breeding
The buildings consist of older farmhouses erected in red stones and eternit roofs. The extensions are used for storage / available buildings. The farmhouse is heated with oil stove.

The properties are sold from a bankruptcy estate and thus under the usual housing liability waiver clause.

Type Veehouderij
Price 34750000
Price in Euros's  € 4.668.503
Address Hvalløsvej 39
zip code 8370
Residence 8370 Hadsten
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 183.1



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