Cattle Farm | 105,5 hectare


Milk production property - 185 cows and 105 ha

Cattle estate of 105 hectares located in Skive municipality near Lyby and Bostrup. The property consists of two building sets located respectively Glyngørevej 76 & Glyngørevej 35.

Glyngørevej 76 is the operation based on milk production currently. with approx. 185 cows in detached stables from 2001 with enlargement in 2007. Most of the breeding is also housed in the detached stable, while the rest is housed in the original diet, which has been changed to breeding with slots and beds. Small calves are housed in machine houses, calf cabins and calf trucks. Furthermore, detached machinery housing, two driving silos and two manure tanks.

Detached red stone farmhouse from 1937 of 152 sqm with a total living space of 244 sqm. distributed on two levels.

Glyngørevej 35 is the stable facility for slaughter pig production with a production license of 3,700 slaughter pigs 30-104 kg. The stable is currently. rented for a monthly rent of DKK 6,000, - + consumption. In addition, three halls used for machinery and straw storage. Furthermore a manure tank of 1,540 kbm.

Detached farmhouse from 1840 on 213 sqm. The home needs renovation / modernization. Leased to former tenant, as well as assistant for a monthly rent of DKK 6,000, - incl. Spending.

The earth is well located in relation to the buildings and consists of approx. 90 hectares of good agricultural land and approx. 10 ha of perennial grass.

An agreement with GreenLab Skive Biogas of 6,200 kbm has been signed. manure and 150 tons of deep bedding.

The property is sold in full operation incl. SDM herd, machines and necessary roughage stocks.

Type Overig
Price 20900000
Price in Euros's  € 2.803.713
Address Glyngørevej 76
zip code 7800
Residence 7800 Washer
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 105.5



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