Planteavlsgård | 621,0 hectare


Plant breeding 620 ha., Of which approx. 30% potato production

"Gadegaard" is a very well-run plant breeding farm with a total of approx. 620 ha, of which approx. 567.54 ha is included in the field plan with the main emphasis on the production of starch potatoes with a delivery right of 68,000 tdr. To the very well-run Karup Kartoffelmelfabrik, which is located approx. 10 km from this business.

The earth:
Potatoes make up approx. 1/3 of the total arable area per. years - of which approx. 10% with production of own seed potatoes.
In 2020, the possibility of 15% extra delivery rights is expected.
The remaining areas are cultivated with spring barley with extremely reasonable average yields and approx. 10% with winter barley.
In addition approx. 15.8 ha. fallow / pasture.
The remaining areas consist of i.a. part 3 row fenced fences, nature areas as well as buildings with gardens, courtyards and roads.

All areas can be irrigated, and soil fertility of approx. 1-3, of which approx. 445 ha are in a large contiguous unit with a short distance to the main property Ø. Sneptrupvej 10, 7451 Sunds.

The fields are all very suitable for potato production, which are by far mostly not rocky and good flat fields, and all are well drained.

For serious issues, it can be documented that over a number of years, extremely high economic results have been achieved in both potato and grain cultivation.

The irrigation capacity is very large and comprehensive for even the most demanding year of irrigation (such as in 2018), and the task is carried out via many and abundant large irrigation permits with long duration.

Payment rights corresponding to the eligible areas are included, of which approx. 440.69 with increased value approx. 2,376, - before green supplement, 2020 values.

Inventories are calculated per the acquisition date and to be purchased at the daily price in addition to the final purchase price.

The trade includes a very complete and complete machine park. The machine park, like the entire farm, is extremely maintained and with a large capacity.

In addition, 1 set of buildings at the address Ø. Sneptrupvej 11 with housing 150 m2 in one floor and other operating buildings of a total of approx. 4,000 m2, where the majority of these are used in the primary production for storage of machines, crops etc.

A more detailed description of the individual properties:
The farm consists of a total of 12 properties, of which 4 with buildings. The rest are buildingless.

Ø. Sneptrupvej 10 with a total of 80.9922 ha .:
The main property where the potato plant is located with capacity for storage of annual production.
Farmhouse from 2002 of 275 m2, 2 more homes at this address and a total of approx. 6,000 m2 good and usable farm buildings in well-maintained condition, meeting room for employees and new laundry room from 2018. 3 American silos, which in total constitute a capacity for storage of 1 year of breeding in cereals, seed potatoes, starch potatoes, machines etc.

Ø. Sneptrupvej 11 with a total of 83.3613 ha .:
Property with buildings used for storage of machines / irrigation machines, fertilizers, crops etc.

Ø. Sneptrupvej 15B with a total of 79.9501 ha .:
Building without property.

Ø. Sneptrupvej 17B with a total of 16.6916 ha .:
Building without property.

Hvidmosevej 30 with a total of 13.3154 ha .:
Building without property.

Hodsagervej 66 with a total of 47.6192 ha .:
Building without property.

Stalmosevej 2B with a total of 73.8978 ha .:
Building without property.

Stalmosevej 4B with a total of 39.0636 ha .:
Here is a machine house located.

Skivevej 62B with a total of 95.6221 ha .:
Building without property.

Ljørringvej 59 with a total of 26.7417 ha .:
Building without property

Ljørringvej 59B with a total of 25.2110 ha .:
Building without property.

Ljørringvej 61B with a total of 38.4921 ha .:
Building without property.

Total registered area 620.9581 ha.

On Ø. Sneptrupvej 10 is the main house for the properties built in 2002 with a total living area of 275 distributed with 161 m2 on the ground floor and 114 m2 on the 1st floor.
The house appears very nice and well maintained in a modern style with plenty of space for the large family.

On Ø. Sneptrupvej 11, a farmhouse was built in 1986 with a total living area of 150 m2 on one level.
The house is in good condition and is currently let.

To view the property, contact Dan Gørtz on 21709542

The property is also for sale at another broker.

Type Akkerbouwbedrijf
Price 119900000
Price in Euros's  € 16.101.524
Address Ø. Sneptrupvej 10
zip code 7451
Residence 7451 Sunds
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 621.0



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