Planteavlsgård | 95,1 hectare


Crop Property

The property:
Agricultural property located at Hygum north of Jelling. The property consists of the main property on Hvejselvej 10 and a buildingless building. So far, the soil has been driven by conventional plant breeding. The property's buildings are used for rental and available buildings.

The earth:
Hvejselvej 10 is 44,9072 ha, and building-less property is 50.1700 ha, a total of 90.0772 ha in registered area, which is divided into 84.5 hectares of arable land and 3.5 ha of meadow that is laid out with grass but which can be grown and are in rotation. At the buildings, less part of the land is laid out with grass and is used for horses. The rest are building parcels, uncultivated land and planting, etc. Most of the land is jb 4-6, and the areas west of the buildings are sandy, and the meadow is humus. So far, the earth has been operated conventionally, but from the autumn of 2018 it has been leased to an organic farmer.

The farmhouse:
Detached farmhouse, built in stone, plastered façade and roof of eternit slate plates. This is older, and it is to be expected that the roof must be replaced within the next few years because it is worn and leaking. There are damp spots in several of the laths and rafters in the ceiling. Frames of wood and wood / aluminum frames. The windows facing south are replacing. Inside, the house has been renovated and refurbished for approx. 10-12 years ago. It is furnished as follows: Utility room, bathroom, kitchen-living room. room, priority, living room, room and bedroom. The first floor is unused.

Operating buildings:
Consists of machinery houses, barn, horse stable and slaughterhouse stables. The buildings are continuously maintained, however, there are some buildings that need new roofs.

Maintenance Building:
Constructed with steel arches, eternite roof, cast floor and the walls are covered with steel plates. Roller gate in the gable. The building is currently being used. for riding stables.

Horse Stable:
Built with high base of funda blocks, steel arches, newer eternite roof and cast floor. Is furnished with 9 horse boxes, feeding rooms and saddle rooms. The building is used for renting horse boxes.

Pig stable:
Built in stone, plastered facade and eternite roof. Is furnished with 4 sections with slatted floor and solid floor, where there are approx. 40 dots for slaughter pigs per. section. It is fed with dry food. The stable is rented out.

Older barn:
Built in stone, plastered facade and eternite roof, which stands for replacement. Decorated with 17 finishers with full slatted floors. The building is not in operation, and it is not expected that the building will re-enter due to the building's condition. At the end of the building there is a boiler room with Baxi stoker fire.

Barn / workshop:
Constructed with steel arches, eternite roofs, the sides covered with steel plates, cast floor. Used for workshop and storage.

Slurry tank:
Constructed in concrete - 560 kbm

Riding arena:
Outdoor riding track with the goals approx. 20 x 60 m. Used for rental together with the horse boxes.

The properties are sold from a bankruptcy estate and thus under the usual housing liability disclaimer.

Type Akkerbouwbedrijf
Price 14900000
Price in Euros's  € 1.994.939
Address Hvejselvej 10
zip code 7300
Residence 7300 Jelling
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 95.1



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