Cattle Farm | 202,3 hectare


Cattle Property

The properties are sold from a bankruptcy estate and thus under the usual housing liability waiver clause.

The property:
Cattle property located southwest of Hejnsvig in Billund Municipality. It is operated with approx. 210 dairy cows with breeding, SDM. The areas are run with forage and sales crops. In addition to the main property Ribe Landevej 83, where the animal production is, there are the following other properties: Ribe Landevej 80 and 5 buildingless properties, Løvlundvej 34, Staruphøjevej 5, Refshøjvej 65, Ribe Landevej 121 and Ribe Landevej 87.

The earth:
The registered land area of the property is as follows:
Ribe Landevej 83 is 35,2764 ha, of which 26.58 ha of arable land is in circulation, 2 ha of permanent grass and 2.6 ha of permanent grass, which are covered by §3.
Ribe Landevej 80 is 18,0361 ha, of which 17.36 ha is arable land.
Løvlundvej 34 is 40.6846 ha, of which 33.15 ha is arable land.
Staruphøjevej 5 is 40.2631 ha, of which 40.54 ha is arable land (Since according to the land plan more land is declared than is listed, reservations are made for any deviation in the cultivable area).
Refshøjvej 65 is 40,1606 ha, of which 38.29 ha is arable land.
Ribe Road 121 is on 16,7500 ha, of which 15.91 ha is arable land.
Ribe Landevej 87 is 11,1400 ha, of which 10,67 ha is arable land.
A total of 202,3108 ha in landscaped land, which is distributed on 182.50 ha of arable land and 4.60 ha of permanent grass. The remaining are building parcels, scaffolding, and uncultivated land, etc.
Most of the soil can be irrigated and there are buried pipelines and hydrants. The soil moisture is JB 1.

At Ribe Landevej 83 there are the following buildings:

Listed in red stones, steel arches and ethernag roofs. On the west side of the stable are curtains and perforated plates on the east side. It is arranged as follows:
In the east side of the barn is a milking center with an inner milking carousel DeLaval with 26 seats with milk meter and power feed allocation. Related to this is the tank room with 12,000 liters of DeLaval cooling tank and buffer tank Manus (not connected), as well as office and technical room. Adjacent to the milking center is the collection site with code tear and separation section with 5 beds. In the middle of the stable is a feeding table with a neck boom. The dairy cows are divided into 2 teams, a large team in the east side, where there are 3 rows of beds, and a team in the west side of the stable, where there are also 3 rows of beds. A rear edge is installed on the bed stalls and the beds / beds are filled with straw. In total, there are 180 cots for cows. On the west side of the stable are sections with 2 deep litter boxes with chapters for a total of 25-30 gold cows and sections for young animals, which are divided into 5 sections, also with 3 rows of beds. This housing section can be changed to cows, the length of the beds being the same length as the cows. There are rubber mats in the bed stalls for the youngsters. There are slit floors and circular ducts in the slurry ducts.

Former barn where the furniture has been removed. It is built in red stones, steel arches and ethernite roofs. The floor is partly concrete and loose / sandy floor. It is used for machine storage etc. Can possibly. also used for housing calves for small calves.

Maintenance Building:
Listed with steel arches, ethernite roofs and covered with steel plates. Loose bottom. There is a gate in the gable. The building is used for machine storage and workshop.

Calves Stable:
Listed in red stones and eternite roofs. It is equipped with 7 deep litter boxes with a hood for approx. 50/60 calves.

Calves cabins:
Outside the detached barn, approx. 30 calves for small calves. A molded space must be established if they are to continue to have this location.

Built with steel arches, ethernite roofs and the walls are erected with foundation blocks. Used for purchased feed. This one is next to the silage silos.

3 running silos with concrete floor. They are all 14 m wide, 40 m long and approx. 2.8 m high. There are surface water drains which are pumped into slurry tanks. The concrete floor is worn and should be added a new wear layer.

Slurry tank:
There are two slurry containers of 1,833 kbm and 3,235 kbm.

Listed in red stones and eternite roofs. It is furnished as follows: Entrance hall, kitchen with dining area, pantry, two living rooms and bathroom. On the first floor there are 4 rooms.

car garage:
Listed in red stones and eternite roofs.

At Ribe Landevej 80 there are the following buildings:

Listed in stone, plastered facade and ethernitt roof. The home is uninhabitable and the remediation mode.

Wagon Port:
Listed in stone, polished facade and steel roof with tile profile.

Listed in stone, plastered facade and eternit roof, Used for disposable building.

Listed with steel arches, ethernite roofs and covered with steel plates. Loose bottom. Used for straw storage.

Former stable:
Listed with steel arches, ethernite roofs and red stones. The furniture and the bottom are removed. Used for straw storage.

Maintenance Building:
Older building erected with steel arches and ethernag It is partially open in the sides. Used for machine storage.

Generally, the buildings are older and worn. Demolition or maintenance must be envisaged.

Løvlundvej 34:

Barn / machine house:
Listed in red stones, steel arches. Molded floor. On the one hand is smaller area that has been used for deep bedding cattle. Used for straw and machine storage.

Type Overig
Price 32995000
Price in Euros's  € 4.430.881
Address Ribe Road 83
zip code 7250
Residence 7250 Hejnsvig
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 202.3



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