Planteavlsgård | 171,8 hectare


The property is a neat and detached potato production property located between Foersum and Adum

The property is a nice and detached potato production property located between Foersum and Adum, approx. 6 km to Tarm city center. The company comprises the main property on Skodsbølvej 9, Vittarpvej 2 and Tøstrupvej 39. The total land area of the company is 171.870 ha, of which the total area is cf. 160.97 ha, the remaining area of 10.8570 ha. constitutes building parcel, forest, roads, shelters, and nature, etc. The quality is predominantly coarse sandy soil, as well as some areas with clay-mixed sandy soil and humus-containing soil.
The main property's building set includes a farmhouse from 1912/1990, and 3,891 m2 of operational buildings erected in the period 1900-1999. The buildings are used today for potato production, but also include pig stables with a capacity for an annual production of approx. 230 annual sows and pigs up to 30 kg .. The plant has been empty for the past year.
On Vittrapvej 2, the farmhouse and parts of the operating buildings are rented out.
Tøstrupvej 39 is used for operating buildings only for the purpose of storing the property's machinery park. Other buildings are left unused.
On the property are included potato parts for respectively. Karup and Fires.

Type Akkerbouwbedrijf
Price 25750000
Price in Euros's  € 3.457.954
Address Skodsbølvej 9
zip code 6880
Residence 6880 Intestine
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 171.8



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