Cattle Farm | 93,6 hectare


Cattle Property

The property:
Cattle farm located northeast of Nr. Nebel in Varde municipality. The property has been run by dairy cattle production with approx. 170 dairy cows until the fall of 2018, where the herd, movables and stocks are sold. Thus, the property is sold without herd, holdings and machinery.

The earth:
The registered area of the property is 93,5558 ha, which is spread over 76.91 ha in extent and 11.27 ha laid out with perennial grass and grass for grazing. The remaining area is building parcel etc.
The land is leased for the 2019 cultivation year.

The farmhouse:
Detached house built in stone, plastered facade, ethereal roof and plastic windows. Is furnished as follows: Utility room, kitchen, office / room, bathroom with shower, bedroom, two living rooms, room and hallway with stairs to the 1st floor. On the first floor is available space, hallway, 4 rooms and bathroom with shower. The farmhouse is surrounded by an older garden and orchard, located south of the farmhouse.

Operating buildings:
Is designed for dairy cattle, and stables for breeding and calves. The buildings have been erected over several times, and according to BBR's announcement, the stables were erected in the 1980s, 1990s and 00s. The stables will be suitable for young animals / heifers. The buildings consist of the following:

Unloading stables Item 1:
Listed with steel arches, ethernite roofs, red stones and wood-tramp. Is furnished with a feeding table with a neck boom in the middle of the barn and approx. 170 beds. In the southern part of the stable is the outside feeding table to the east. The center of the barn has been used for milking centers with 2x13 milking parlors. The milking equipment and cooling tank etc. has been removed. There are scrapers on top of the slits and in the slurry channels. (It is unknown whether this applies to the entire stable).

Heifer / Diet Charge Item 2:
Built with steel arches, ethernite roof and clad with wood-tramp. One is furnished with 3 rows with a total of 66 beds with mattresses / mats and a feeding in the south side with 44 catch grids. In the second barn there are sections with 14 bed stalls and deep litter box / calving box

Quarterly stable, point 3:
Built with steel arches, ethernite roof and clad with wood-tramp. It is furnished with sections with 21 single boxes for small calves, 8 boxes for calves, 2 deep litter boxes and 3 sections with bed boxes with mattresses / mats for young animals. They consist of 16 bed stalls, 18 bed stalls and 22 bed stalls as well as slatted floors. Feeding table in the north side of the building for these 3 sections.

Horse stable / garage Item 4:
Listed in red stones with ethernite roofs. Equipped with boxes for horses, car garage / available space and in the attic above this building is stocked. Furthermore, there is a room and toilet, which has been used for guest rooms, etc. This is not approved for residential use.

Lined Line 6:
Built with steel arches, ethernite roofs and concrete walls. Equipped with 3 running / plane silos.

Golden tanks Item 9:
Manure container of 1,565 kbm constructed in concrete. Container checked in 2018.
Slurry container of 1,521 kbm constructed in concrete. Container checked in 2015.

Silage site Points 10 and 19:
North of the property is a large paved silage area with drainage to the collection pool. However, this is not close and needs to be rectified. Also, sprinkler systems must be established to disperse the collected surface water.

These Litera numbers refer to "Property scratch from the Environmental Approval" on page 15.

The property is sold from a bankruptcy estate and thus under the usual estate liability waiver clause.

Type Overig
Price 9300000
Price in Euros's  € 1.244.863
Address Kvongvej 90
zip code 6830
Residence 6830 Nørre Nebel
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 93.6



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