Pig farm | 114,9 hectare


Attractive pig property in Southern Jutland

Attractive pig farm - "Lykkebo" - is sold in the middle of Southern Jutland. Here there is a flexible production permit for 700 yearling sows with 30 kg`s pigs, as well as 3,000 slaughter pigs - in the approval there is a permit to flex between the animal groups, e.g. more sows and fewer finishers, etc. There is also a new environmental assessment of the property, which shows that there are good opportunities for expansion. Sensible production facility where both logistics and maintenance are in order. Farmhouse from 1982/1996, well furnished and with living area of 246 sqm. ~ An additional 2 homes are included which are rented out / used as employee housing.
There is a registered cadastre of 114.9255 ha for the property, of which approx. 110 ha in rotation. The quality is sand / sandy soil with the possibility of efficient field irrigation - and there is a fine zoning. ~ The soil is leased out - and there is ~ the possibility that the contract is extended. There are two gas-tight silos, which can hold well over 11,000 tdr of wheat - they are both filled up in the harvest - in connection with this there is a 40 ton bridge weight.
There is a feed barn with Skjold painting / mixing plant with many silos and surcharges, all of which contribute to optimization. ~
The property is sold in full operation, with a good herd, broods of own breeding and with an attractive buyer contract, which i.a. due to stability in deliveries and extremely good growth in the finishers. There is weekly operation and health status is Blue SPF + Myc + Ap12
Takeover can take place by appointment - and the seller is happy to help the new owner get started with daily routines, as well as the contact to buyers and land tenants, etc., and there are employees with insight into the daily work routines. ~~~~~

Type Veehouderij
Price 26,750,000
Price in Euros's  € 3.595.044
Address Midtervej 5
zip code 6520
Residence 6520 Toftlund
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 114.9



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