Cattle Farm | 107,0 hectare


Streamlined and detached milk production property located approx. 3 km north of Toftlund City

Streamlined and detached milk production property located approx. 3 km north of Toftlund City. The property's production base consists of an environmental approval for 215 cows, 17 heifers (24-26 months), 66 heifers (0-10 months) and 108 bulls (40-60 kg), corresponding to 338.82 DE. Permission is granted to extend the livestock range to 300 cows. However, the expansion requires construction that has not been completed.
Part of the farm's heifer farming is currently going into a rented barn on the neighboring property.
The total holding consists of the main property where the animal production is gathered, Gramvej 5, where the building set is burnt, and Sydvejen 6, which consists of a farmhouse and an older unused barn building.
The total land area of the holding amounts to a total of 106,9537 ha, of which the area owned is 100.55 ha in arable land. In addition, an additional 85.20 ha is leased. - the total area in the field plan for the 2020 cultivation year amounts to 185.75 ha.
The goodness is predominantly coarse sandy soil, as well as some areas with more humus-containing soil. There are water extraction permits for watering approx. 50 acres of owned land. Both owned and leased land has a nice arround, as well as good location in relation to the main property.
The property is offered in full operation, incl. crew, machinery and stocks.

Type Overig
Price 20950000
Price in Euros's  € 2.813.364
Address Midtervej 12
zip code 6520
Residence 6520 Toftlund
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 107.0



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