Planteavlsgård | 127,9 hectare


Plant breeding 128 ha with rental of pig farm, 1150 dots at Hammelev

"Østergård" is a well-run plant breeding farm with rental of pig houses for slaughter pigs production.

The property is situated in quiet surroundings despite the short distance to the motorway exit, Hammelev industrial park and Hammelev town. In Hammelev town there are both kindergarten and school up to and including 6 class. Within 10 km there is the possibility of the larger purchases in both Haderslev and Vojens city.

In total, 127,927 ha are offered, of which 124,1770 ha have eligible areas, cf. ground plan 2019. The remaining area of 3.7501 ha constitutes buildings, boundaries, fence road, etc.
The soil is well-groomed with relatively large fields with good quality - approx. 1.8 km to the outer mark.

The stable buildings are rented out on contract until 31.7.2020 for slaughter pigs production from 30 kg with 1150 dots with wet feeding system and drained floor.

Of buildings, another feed was built in 1994 of 476 m2 containing silos for finished food 38-39 tons. Grain layer for 3,500 g grain with grain grains and throughput dryer with capacity of 35 tdr / hour - heat source is oil.
Garage building built in 1952/1958 of 370 m2 furnished with garage, workshop and storage / storage
Machinehouses built in 1973 of 450 m2 and grain storage built in 1981 of 306 m2 are combined but with separate closed gable, built in steel arches 4 meter leg height, steel plates on the walls and eternite roof. The grain store is equipped with floor silos with drying channels and grain requirements for side tips with a capacity of 3,000 tdr.
Former pig house built in 1922 at 257 m2 as currently. used for storage.
Slurry tank incl. Tank 500 kbm.
Slurry tank 2,640 kbm.
Meeting place 625 sqm

Overall a good set of buildings.

A manor house built in 1940 with a total living area of 200 m2, of which 90 m2 was used on the 1st floor plus 110 m2 of commercial space, a total of 310 m2 with room for the large family.
The house appears in older historical style and there must be expected some renovation in order for the dwelling to appear in contemporary residential condition.
The house is heated via a wood pellet boiler, has its own water drilling and approved dredging plant from Dec. 1992.

Type Akkerbouwbedrijf
Price 22400000
Price in Euros's  € 2.997.538
Address Stokkerhovedvej 3 mf
zip code 6500
Residence 6500 Vojens
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 127.9



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