pig Farm | 157,2 hectare


Slaughter pig production 10,000 / year, 157 ha in Nordborg

Well-run offal production in Nordborg on Als is offered for sale

The property consists of the following:
Real estate on Nedervej 16 plus a farmhouse located on Nedervej 26 totaling 89.0160 ha.
Buildingless property, Ærtebjergvej totaling 23,9701 ha.
Buildingless property that will be part of other real estate on Spangsmosevej 32 totaling 44.2332 ha.
In total, approx. 157,2193 ha

The earth:
The fields are located in several large plots with a reasonably uniform quality around jb. 6 with the exception of a few areas on jb. 3 and 4. Generally good and cultivable land.
Of the total land area of 157,2193 ha, approx. 145,9100 ha of land with EU support.

Payment entitlements corresponding to the cultivable area are included.

Operating Buildings:
Detached production facility with 2,550 pitches for slaughter pigs with their own feed supply.

The stable buildings generally appear in good and reliable condition erected in concrete elements with sea stones and roofs of corrugated iron. The plant is built on open land and has a distance of more than 700 m to the nearest settlement, as well as a reasonable long distance to the nearest pig production.
The plant is considered a highly rational unit with wet feeding with the possibility of 2 mixtures. Feed supply from own paint / mixing plant with storage capacity for 1 year of feed consumption in silos and feed barns.
In total there is capacity for approx. 2,550 pcs. slaughter pigs 30-110 kg distributed in the two stables.

The feed center is constructed with exterior metal sheets and corrugated iron roofs. Furnished with paint / mixing plant for, among other things, corn corn. In addition, storage plans of approx. 300-400 tons, as well as space for storing machines.

In connection with the feed center a bridge weight has been established, concrete space for mobile drying plants, and 3 pieces. silos for 1,000, 500 and 550 tonnes of feed respectively. Total capacity of approx. 2,500 tons + without door silo for soybean.

Slurry tank of 3,000 m3.

The farm buildings were built during the period 1993-2005.

All in all, an extremely rational and well-functioning production apparatus. A very high efficiency can be documented.

On Nedervej 26 is the associated farmhouse located in 1911 of 120 m2. The house appears in neat and maintained condition.
The house is currently. let.

Environmental approval:
New section 16 a. Environmental approval for full production within existing framework, corresponding to approx. 10,000 slaughter pigs annually.

The feed stock is included in the trade, which will vary depending on the time of the trade.

Included in the deal.

No machines are included in the dealership.

Type Veehouderij
Price 31000000
Price in Euros's  € 4.162.974
Address Nedervej 26
zip code 6430
Residence 6430 Nordborg
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 157.2



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