Cattle Farm | 172,9 hectare


A sensible production property, with among others. nice accommodation and good food

A sensible production property, with among others. nice accommodation and good food. According to § 12 environmental approval, the property has a permitted animal husbandry of 455.22 DE (animal units), which is distributed on 237 year cows, heavy breed, with a calculated milk yield of 9,500 kg milk (EKM) / year shoe, 57 year calf calves 0-6 months heavy breed, 180 year breeding 6-25.5 months, heavy breed, 30 prod calf (40-60 kg), heavy breed, 80 prod calf (40-220 kg), heavy breed, 80 prod calf (220- 440 kg), heavy breed and 1 suckler cow 400-600 kg. The milk yield is just under 11,000 ECM per day. cow-year. cf. MPO. The farm has a land-based land of 172,9158 ha, of which 165.45 ha are cultivable. The goodness varies between coarse sandy soil and clay mixed sandy soil, as well as smaller areas that are lower and more humus-containing. An exciting and detached production property.

Type Overig
Price 28950000
Price in Euros's  € 3.889.822
Address New Boskovvej 9
zip code 6372
Residence 6372 Bylderup-Bov
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 172.9



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