Cattle Farm | 154,5 hectare


Milk production property v. Egtved - 340 cows with breeding - 154 ha.

For bankruptcy estates, milk production property with production license is offered to 340 Jersey cows with 270 pcs. rearing.

Currently, the crew is approx. 318 Jersey cows, with 253 pcs. breeding, of which approx. 50 pcs. at the heifer hotel.

The earth:
Of the total land area of 154,5258 ha, field plan 2020 represents approx. 131.41 ha in circulation with EU support.
The land is divided into 4 properties. Main property and three buildingless properties, with slightly scattered arrangement.
The earth is cf. card info JB1. Ca. 89 ha. can be irrigated while two buildingless properties totaling approx. 42 ha. cannot be watered.

Areas in addition to arable land total approx. 23 ha. is made up of area by buildings, forage storage, road, fence, small forest, bogs and natural areas.

Total field plan at operational level incl. leases in 2020 amount to approx. 176 ha, with a care agreement on all land, primarily planned laid out with maize, grass and spring barley.

Payment rights are included with respect to the cultivable area. Of these, prepayment rights with increased value of stated DKK 1,911 per share. PCS. before the green supplement and approx. kr. 2,797 incl. green allowance totaling 46,397%.
Total annual support in 2020 value for 131.41 ha. ca. DKK 367,000

Since the owner's acquisition at the end of 2015, the residence has been thoroughly renovated and furnished for two dwellings. appears in modern and contemporary style, designed for two families. However, some finishes are lacking, especially in one residential part.

Operating Buildings:
The operating buildings constitute a stable from 1995 of 2,130 m2 furnished with bed stalls on one side, with illuminated 220 bed stalls, of which separate sections with illuminated approx. 19 beds. Fully split floor with Lely robotic scraper. Milking plant 2x20 DeLaval with milk meter, adjustable floor and fixed exit.
Second section opposite feeding table furnished with calving section on deep bedding as well as new calf ratio, dairy cattle and gold cow section also in deep bedding, with split area along feeding table.
Feeding is done with the Mullerup suspension track system via leased feed system / mixers.
The building also has an office, lunch room, toilet and technical room.
The milk is stored in an outdoor DeLaval silo tank from 2011 on 15,000 liters plus indoor Mueller Europa tank on a lit 7,000 liter tank from 2016.

Stable built in 2009 on 1,480 m2 - former feed and straw barn, now changed to altered for youngsters in deep bedding in combination with forage section.

Straw drawers constructed in 1996 of 429 m2 and 1999 of 350 m2 respectively, built together and contain divided feed trays with 8 plan silo sections for feed.

Engine house built in 1964 of 158 m2 used for workshop and garage.

Two older buildings both built in 1931 of 315 m2 and 198 m2 respectively, which appear in original condition and are considered for demolition. Previous owners' plans were to build a new milking plant on the existing shelf.
Outdoor plan silo system in 3 silos for roughage - of which the middle plan silo is illuminated with a bottom that needs a new wear layer. and slurry containers of 1,850 m3 and 4,000 m2 respectively. Slurry tank of 4,000 m3 has a tent cover.

6 pieces. calves of 6 boxes.

Environmental approval:
Environmental approval of January 3, 2017 lies with approval for 340 dairy cows with breeding, corresponding to DE 525.48, distributed with 340 Jersey cows, 65 small calves 0-6 months, 205 heifers 6 months - calving annually.

As the property is close up of protected nature, including streams, bogs, etc., it is estimated that future expansion of production can be problematic, so buy max. must count on current production size, and may also consider reducing a bit in cow-keeping if all breeding is desired under roof.

Cf.. Extract from CHR on March 11, 2020 constitutes the herd of 318 cows and 208 heifers on Ribevej 240 and in the heifer hotel 50 cows.
The herd is in salmonella Dublin level 1.

From the milk production inventory of 27 January 2020, the benefit is 10,072 kg. EKM.

Milk twice daily.

Inventories and machinery
There is an inventory of coarse feed stock of February 24, 2020, included in the sale for going concern milk production, but less daily consumption

Older owned machinery is included with the production and not field operation as there is a care agreement on this.

There are also leasing agreements on the following machines:
Weidemann mini loader 1,260 Plus, as well as JLG 3707 PS telescopic loader via lease with Nykredit
2x GEA MVM Feed mixers via lease with DLL

These machines are needed in daily operations, through continued milk production, and the buyer enters into rights and obligations thereon in addition to the purchase price.

In addition, it is stated that heater hours are also rented / leased.

Overall a good production unit, but where the price is taken into account that the buyer must expect investments on optimization of production, clean-up etc.

Type Overig
Price 23000000
Price in Euros's  € 3.085.426
Address Ribevej 240
zip code 6040
Residence 6040 Egtved
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 154.5



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