pig Farm | 43,9 hectare


Plant breeding 44 ha, sowing 425 lakes - open field project.

In a separate tender, approx. 44 ha, with sow holding on bare field project - capacity for approx. 425 annual sows with 7 kg production.
The farm can also be purchased in a total tender with 30 kg. production and associated farmhouses at two other locations - see case 210811.

operating Buildings
Nordre Skovgyde 204: Sostald built as a bare field project in 2004 of 1,668 m2, cf. BBR, well located for pig production, with assessed low infection pressure.
The stable contains 425 yearling sows with piglets for weaning. The barn is equipped with 112 farrowing pens divided into 4 sectioned sections with 4 x 7 paths each.
The running department is equipped with 3 sections, each with 2 x 17 seats
The pregnancy department is equipped with 6 sections with 24 places each = 144 places
In addition, resp. 4 and 8 paths with space for each 9 lakes and 4 paths with space for each 9 poles, as well as an anteroom.
Runs and gestational sections are constructed over cantilevered steel rafters opened in kip and lined with troltex plates.

Heat supply from oil boiler. Egebjerg barn furniture, of which approx. one half has been replaced in 2017. Diffuse ventilation.
At the barn slurry tank of approx. 3,000 m3.
Crew status stated for blue SPF + myc with good efficiency.
At the barn, a 40-foot climate container with 200 seats has been set up.

Dry feed with two external feed silos.

The barn is currently in full operation, and can continue under this auspices, as a supplement to the existing sow holder, or alternatively used for pig pens etc.

Crew can be taken over by the buyer at the daily price in addition to the purchase price.

The earth
Total cadastral area of 43.85 ha consisting of land from the main property Fjellebrostræde 13 and building without property at Nordre Skovgyde.
The land is nicely gathered, and with a large coastline.
Suitable for seeds, and all arable areas currently laid out for red fescue in the first year field.
Of the total area, 35.73 ha are in rotation and 1.62 ha in perennial grass.

The land is leased out on an original five-year contract until 31.08.2022, where the tenant purchases all manure from the farm, whereby the buyer can concentrate fully on pig production.

Ordinary payment rights in relation to the field plan are included.

A nice little satellite property with a good, streamlined production facility built in a building from 2004.

Type Veehouderij
Price 7000000
Price in Euros's  € 940.759
Address Fjell Brostræde 13
zip code 5370
Residence 5370 Mesinge
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 43.9



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