pig Farm | 89,3 hectare


Plant breeding / sohold with 30 kg production SPF.

Hereby, Midskov / Salby offers pork production property with 425 year sows, with production of approx. 13,000 piglets for 30 kg - with blue SPF + myc status.

The company is located in three locations, with Fjellebrostræde as the residence for owner and with good machine and warehouse halls, Nordre Skovgyde with sohold as a barmarkprojekt and small pig farm at Salby.

Sostald on Nordre Skovgyde, was built in 2004 with a very good location and very low risk of infection.
Small pig houses at Salby are decorated on former cattle farm, totally renovated in 2006.

The living room at Fjellebrostræde, appears as a very well-kept residence for the owner, and right up in the contemporary residential stand.
In addition, rented accommodation at Salby during piglet production.

Altogether, the land is approx. 90 ha, of which 70.6 ha. in rotation, approx. 8 ha permanent grass. Other areas consist of building areas as well as road, fences and natural areas.

Included are adapted for smaller machinery and crew in supply price.

For specification see below.

Fjellebrostræde 13
Works as a home for owner.

The earth
Total matricular area of approx. 50 ha.
The Earth is in four groups. Ca. 2.6 ha at the farm, approx. 5.9 ha meadow / persistent grass at Dalby Bay, approx. 29.3 at Nordre
Forest alleys, and approx. 12.2 ha at Midskovvej.

Of the total area of approx. 50 ha included approx. 42.75 ha in ground level 2017. Of which land in rotation amounts to approx. 34.67 ha and permanent grass / permanent grass approx. 8.08 ha.
Other areas consist of building parcels, road, fences, natural areas and coastal meadows.

operating Buildings
Northern Forest Road 204: Sostald built as a barking project in 2004 of 1,668 m2. cf. BBR.
The stable contains 425 year sows with piglets for weaning. The stable is equipped with 112 farrowing paths divided into 4 sectioned sections with 4 x 7 paths each.
The running department is equipped with 3 sections each with 2 x 17 seats
The pregnancy department is arranged with 6 sections each with 24 seats = 144 seats
In addition, respectively. 4 and 8 paths with room for every 9 lakes and 4 paths with room for every 9 poles, as well as a front room.

Heat supply from oil furnace. Egebjerg barn furniture, of which approx. one half has been replaced in 2017. Diffuse ventilation.
At the barn slurry tank of approx. 3,000 m3.
Crew status indicated for blue SPF + myc with good efficiency.
At the stable a 40-foot climate container with 200 seats has been set up.

Fjellebrostræde 13: Pigstead is located parallel to the farmhouse. Built in 2001 cf. BBR of 1,240 m2. Designed for finishers, with annual production of approx. 2,000 pigs.
The stable has been built over free-standing steel rafters, and therefore has good alternative applications, if any cease to exist.
pig production.

Detached house of 779 m2, built in 2003 cf. BBR. Built over freestanding steel rafters with cast floor in half.

In addition, slurry tank of 1,030 m3. cf. BBR.

Next to the farmhouse original barn building, now furnished for garage and storage. Total 172 m2, cf. BBR, built in 1974.

Building 6 from 1976 on BBR of 980 m2 is not immediately seen to be present.

The living room, originally built in 1870, appears as a very good home in a completely renovated condition.

Total living space cf. BBR of 220 m2, including floor plan of 185 m2.
According to the energy label, the actual living area is stated to be 295 m2 with utilized roof space of 110 m2. Basement is looped

Northern forest alley 204
Buildless property of 14.69 ha.

The earth
The soil lies in a total distance up to sostald under Fjellebrostræde 13, and, incidentally, connected with that part of the ground from Fjellebrostræde 13, which lies at Nordre Skovgyde.

Of the total area, approx. 13.36 hectares of cultivable area in one piece. Other area is made up of hunting tremors, fences and roads.

Hindsholmvej 429
Piglet production and rental of farmhouse.

The earth
Total area of approx. 24.59 ha, of which included in the ground plan approx. 22.58 ha in rotation, located in two good fields.

operating Buildings
Piglet production, according to information, constitutes 13,000 piglets annually from 7 to 30 kg.
The stables have been completely renovated in 2006, cf. owns, and divided into 4 sections, with room for 500-600 piglets in each section. Ca. 25-30 pigs per path.
Furthermore, there is a quarantine section of 6 paths.
The inventory is from Egebjerg and feeding takes place via dry feeding.
There is underfloor heating and the heating is done via slurry cooling.
Ventilation occurs at both diffuse and sub-atmospheric pressure, respectively.

The property was originally a cattle farm, but rebuilt and extended.
Buildings cf. BBR:
Stable building from 1976 of 373 m2 - Standing as a stable building for cattle
Stable building from 1973 of 378 m2 - Standing as a stable building for cattle
Stable building from 1973 of 348 m2 - Stands listed as silo building (original feeding barn)
Stable building from 1967 on 76 m2 - Listed as milking room
Stable building from 1973 on 249 m2 - Listed as silo building - original fodder feed etc.
Stable building from 2006 of 212 m2 - Stable building for pig keeping.

Slurry tank of 3,000 m3. - Standing listed as stables building of 710 m2

The living room is built in a detached house of 158 m2 in a plan from 1973 cf. BBR.
Currently rented via rental agency, with 8 beds and monthly rent of DKK 11,000 + consumption.

Type Veehouderij
Price 18850000
Price in Euros's  € 2.533.262
Address Fjell Brostræde 13
zip code 5370
Residence 5370 Mesinge
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 89.3



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