Leisure / pleasure Property | 25,2 hectare


Crop Property

The farmhouse
Renovated and extended over several times, and is with newer red stone tile roof and newer windows, the farmhouse is furnished with front and back hallway, dining kitchen, 2 rooms, 2 living rooms, garden room, boiler room with oil / stoker boiler, bathroom.
1st floor. Large south-facing attic room, as well as 3 rooms.
According to BBR built 1934/2006 built-up area 197 sqm 1 floor estimated 60 sqm total living area about 257 sqm.
Operating buildings in the farm environment:
The buildings are built with plastered, white-painted walls with black threshold. The roof is with eternit. The building has been rebuilt and extended several times, most recently in 2004/2006, is furnished with a garage / storage room, old. barn is with large storage space and workshop.
According to BBR built 1934 / 2004/2006 estimated 98 + 194 in total about 292 sqm
Detached engine houses:
The buildings are located parallel to the east of the farm buildings, are built with red and green steel plates on the sides. Both buildings have tiled roofs, are designed as machine house straw storage, etc. Around the buildings there is a road-stable road system that can withstand heavy traffic.
According to BBR built! 974 and 1981 built-up area 340 + 497 total built-up area 837 m².
The earth:
The 25.2244 ha are well located right by the property, cf. attached area maps.
The property may. purchased with smaller area.

Type Overig
Price 7425000
Price in Euros's  € 997.877
Address Højstedvej 13
zip code 4591
Residence 4591 Føllenslev
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 25.2



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