Planteavlsgård | 145,5 hectare


"Højagergaard" with 145 ha

The property:
"Højagergaard" with associated properties is well located to the public road, with the address Engkrogen 8, 4295 Stenlille.
The property is described together.

Engkrogen 8 has a registered area of 60,6748 ha
Engkrogen 7 is constructionless, area 7.9610 ha
Assentorpvej 110 is constructionless, area 7.4120 ha
Assentorpvej 108 is buildingless, area 30.9774 ha
Engkrogen 10B is constructionless, area 38.3500 ha
Engkrogen 1 is a single-family plot, area 0.1266 ha

The total area of the property is 145,5018 ha

Of the total area, 140 ha are farmland in rotation. The areas will be suitable for potatoes / special crops. The areas are free of rocks. The major part is with JB 4-6.
The area rounding is good - see enclosed area map.

Property Buildings:
All buildings are rebuilt and extended over several times. The buildings are built, decorated and used for cattle. Was later rebuilt and rented to warehouse. For this purpose, there is really good logistics. The buildings are built in yellow stones (point 4). Other farm buildings have steel plates on the sides. All buildings are with eternittage.
Both homes have yellow-painted, plastered walls with brick roofs.
The buildings appear presentable and well-maintained.

Office, warehouse, item 7:
Office / canteen with staff entrance, changing room with bath and toilets, from here access to insulated storage hall, which is used for packing department etc. Furthermore separate separate room with new stoker fire. The wood pellet fire is with intake from outdoor glass fiber silo.
Acc. BBR / Grundrids listed 1980/20916. Built area 530 m².

Warehouse hall, liltra 8:
The hall is decorated in the original costume. With new floor and with shelving etc.
Acc. BBR / basic road built 1980/2016, built area 955 m².

Warehouse Hall, 9:
The warehouse hall is constructed as a machine house and half-barrel, etc. With intermediate passage from letter 8, the intermediate passage is of good width for passage with pallet goods, etc. The hall is used as a storage building.
Acc. BBR / Grundrids listed 2008/2016. Built area 990 m² + interim of approx. 60 m². Built area 1050 m².

Delivery hall, point 4 - warehouse hall 5:
The building is furnished as a delivery hall. The building has outdoor recessed loading ramp.
Lagerhal 5 is decorated in an old barn and is with a new floor. Used as stock mm
Acc. BBR / Grundrids listed 2001/2016. Built area 421 + 549 m², total 970 m².

Halftone, paragraph 6:
The building is an annex to point 5. Used for storerooms together with building number 5.
Acc. BBR / basic road built 2001/2016, built area 273 m².

Silo plant, item 3:
The space is listed as a plan silo for feed storage. Used for storage of tile etc.
Acc. BBR / Grundrids listed 2008. Built area 2330 m².

Living room, paragraph 1:
The living room is converted and extended several times. Is furnished with hall, dining kitchen, bathroom, 2 south-facing living rooms. The first floor has 3 rooms. The home is heated from stokfyr in the farm building.
Adjacent to the farmhouse there is a new double garage.
Acc. BBR / basic guide built in 1910. Built area 137 m², 1st floor 60 m², total area 165 m².

Property owner, located Engkrogen 1:
The home is located at the entrance to the property, is located on its own The home is furnished with new bathroom, new kitchen, living room, garden room. The first floor has 2 rooms. The home is heated from stokfyr in the farm building.
In connection with the building, there is a small utility room of 16 m².
Acc. BBR / Grundrids listed 1912/2016. Built area 73 m² + garden room 25 m², 1st floor 30 m², total area 128 m².

Road construction:
Around all buildings there is a solid road construction that can withstand heavy traffic. The area amounts to approx. 4370 m².

A well-appointed building set that for many years will be able to bring large rental income. A building set that will only require little maintenance. A well-grounded terrestrial. A property with a high yield.

Type Akkerbouwbedrijf
Price 34470000
Price in Euros's  € 4.632.442
Address Engkrogen 8
zip code 4295
Residence 4295 Stone jar
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 145.5



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