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MD of Willow Creek

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Crop Farm

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NE-13-12-25-W4 (160 acres), SE-24-12-25-W4 (160 acres)

Whether expanding or starting your farm, or building a new home, here is a nice block of grain land on the boundary between Lethbridge County and the MD of Willow Creek, on the MD side. The farm is located only half a mile south of Highway 520 between Claresholm and Barons.
The land consists of approx. 270 acres good farm land and 50 acres low land. The low land floods in wet years, but according to the seller it is farmeable and actually quite productive (not alkaline) when dry. The neighbour to the west irrigates his land with water from this low area if it is flooded, which helps to get rid of the water.
There is an interesting abandoned homestead on the northwest side of the property with some nice shelterbelts that could be used as a building location. A new driveway and utility lines would need to be built from the County road to the yard. 
If you are looking for land with great water supply, then this may be the right spot for you. The property is located over one of the better aquifers in Southern Alberta. Adjacent properties have some excellent ground water wells that tap into this aquifer.
Last but not least: Enjoy the grand mountain views from this property! The snowcapped Rockies of Southwestern Alberta are quite visible from north to south.
Land description:  NE-13-12-25-W4 (160 acres), SE-24-12-25-W4 (160 acres).

Price $1,400,000
Price in Euros's  € 967.720
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